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Portuguese Architecture

No one coloured his house all white as a mark of respect to Churches and crosses which were painted white. Initially these were coloured in vegetable and natural dyes. Gateways to the houses were lofty and elegant in the 18th century later they were replaced by towering gateways. The facade of most houses was symmetrical with the entrance door occupying the place of honour. Railings were the most intricate embellishment in a Goan house. Pillars, piers and colours do not seem to be influenced by any style in particular. Windows gradually become more decorative, ornate and expressive. Almost all Goan houses have a false ceiling of wood. The Kitchen in Goan house was at the fartherest end of the house and every househad an area dedicated to the deity.

The houses of Goa have a story to tell. It is fascinating and at once gripping with the mingling of architecture designs that is oft known as the Indo-Portuguese style unravelling the unique blend of Hindu and Christian homes over centuries, making Goaa bedrock of secular India

Ongoing restoration work at one such site