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Casa Candolim

The Portuguese ruled Goa for 450 years and their influence on the living styles and dwellings of the inhabitants has been deep

The State of Goa is proud of its heritage and encourages you to come in person to take a guided tour of the restored Portuguese Homes and Palaces. The identification, preservation, conservation, protection and rehabilitation of buildings, structures, streetscapes, areas and districts of historic, architectural or cultural value, in both urban and rural areas, and to encourage their continued use has been a driving force behind several restoration projects undertaken by the state and several indivisuals recently.

Every culture expresses their genius in different ways. Architecture on this territory occupied by the Portuguese shows original characteristics which differentiate it from other colonial architectures. This phenomenon is a fruit of profound mixing of the Indian and Portuguese cultures which the characterization Indo Portuguese art conveys perfectly.

Goan houses reveal Italian classical features in the planning of the facade. the later 19th century houses were a mixture of neo-classicism and neo-gothic. Neo-gothic enhanced the decorative element. The influence of the Italian classical style from religious percolated down to every aspect of detailing.

The interplay of Mannerist and Roccoco features with Maratha and Mughal interpreted in a folksy manner gave birth to a style of house by the end of 19th century which can be called a Goan house


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